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I prefer to meet new customers face to face so that they are comfortable with me and my staff. They can then ask any questions or address concerns, discuss pricing and be assured that we will meet their needs.

Individual and business customers of all types. Both simple and extremely complex. And, my customers are from all over the United States and even a few from around the world. I also have clients from many fields of work and professions. I see fast food workers, tradesmen, and delivery drivers as well as lawyers, engineers, and business executives. I even have a client that’s a state senator. I really enjoy learning about the details of people’s jobs. It’s interesting and it also helps me to do mine. One of the more interesting situations I helped with was both interesting and complex. I prepared 10 years of taxes for an Australian client that had purchased several investment homes in Detroit. It was right after the “Great Mortgage Meltdown of 2008”. He needed to have the losses on these properties from all prior years carried forward in a cascading fashion starting from 2009, when the homes were purchased, in order to document them for the eventual sale of them in 2019. It was quite a challenge to reconstruct all of the financial records for each individual property in order to accurately prepare and file the returns. I was also required to file Form I-7 for he and his wife to obtain ITIN numbers that foreign tax payers use in place of Social Security Numbers. All correspondence, document exchange, collaboration, and required signature requirements were done using my secure and encrypted cloud portal supported by Citrix Sharefile. The total time spent completing the project was about 60 hours and the customer was very satisfied with the final result.

20 years experience and IRS RTRP (Register Tax Return Preparer) certification through the Annual Filing Season Program. Continuing Education and testing are required every year in order to maintain the credential with the Internal Revenue Service.

Choose carefully, read reviews, and ask questions. Make sure you trust whoever you decide to use. They are going to have access to all of your personal ID and financial data. Verify that they use best practices with respect to security and information systems. If you don’t feel comfortable, find someone else. There are plenty of reputable firms in the tax preparation field. Finally, look for personal service. I personally believe that this is what is missing in so many industries today. Big corporations treat people like numbers and care more about the bottom line than customer satisfaction. I want a long term relationship with my clients. It’s better for both parties.

Bring all income related documents, Valid ID, social security cards, and deductible expense documents. A downloadable list can be found here:

What to bring

We make every effort to keep our pricing as competitive as possible. At times there are promotions and we also give discounts to seniors, military vets, and low income taxpayers. Taxpayers with dependent children that work can also bring in the kids returns, and usually get them prepped and filed free of charge. When comparing our prices to others, keep in mind the quality of service and other features we offer. We give every customer free, secure and encrypted, online storage of all of their documents and returns. This online portal can also be used to collaborate and eSign any required forms so we can prepare your return 100% remotely if you want. We are also available year round to answer questions, consult, and help with other tax and financial matters.

We can assist you with getting your new business up and running with exactly what you require. We help businesses of all sizes. From filing your entity’s formation docs to setting up the IT and bookkeeping systems. It’s vital to have a plan before you start and build on a solid foundation. Then, as you grow, it’s easier to scale up as time goes on.

I have been preparing income taxes professionally since 2001. At the time I was working as an engineering project manager for GM. I went to get my taxes done professionally and was very dissatisfied with the service. So, I started preparing my own, some friends, family, and co-workers returns. Since that time, I have gone from working from home as a seasonal, part time preparer, to opening an office and relocating twice into bigger and better spaces. I just moved in to my newest space less than a year ago.

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman

Jim is president of Income Tax Wizard. He has been a tax professional since 2001 and contributes web content for several business development sites.

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